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Axel Kemper-Moll


Axel Kemper-Moll (pop, jazz & classical music):

is author of the book `Jazz & Pop Harmonics´(Voggenreiter/ Publishing, more than 30.000 ex.) He studied music education, popular music/ jazz/ classical music/ composition & arrangement. He played with Derrick James (sax Whitney Houston & Prince). produced CDs with `Mike Stern´ (Miles Davis-Band), played for German President Roman Herzog and in the `German Pavillion / EXPO 2000. Musical Director: Fritz Rémont Theater, Magister: Music Education / German Studies / Theater, Film & TV Sciences.


Prof. Christoph Spendel


Professor Christoph Spendel  (jazz, pop & fusion):

Prof.  for popular music & jazz, Frankfurt Music University. He played with Steve Gadd, Randy Brecker, Bob Mintzer, Omar Hakim (dr,  Sting), Lee Ritenour, Don Grusin, Anthony Jackson,  Airto Moreira, Miroslav Vitous, Bill Evans, Albert Mangelsdorff, Michael  Sagmeister and Charly Mariano.

Christoph Auperle



Christoph Aupperle piano (& vib)  (pop, jazz & classical music):

jazz studies Paris, New York (Gary Burton) & Brazil

Christof Sänger


Christof Sänger (jazz,  pop & classical music):

Frankfurt Music University . He played with Branford Marsalis (sax `Sting´), `Ernie Watts´ (2 x Grammy Award Winner), Al Foster (Miles Davis Band), George Mraz (b, Oscar Peterson Trio)  and Martial Solal.

Stefan Randa


Stefan Randa (jazz,  pop & classical music):

international concerts, studied classical/   jazz piano/ music sciences and audio & TV engineering. He played with the `Cologne Symphony´, »Musical Footloose«, in the `Old  Opera/ Ffm´, for the Chanceler Dinner and the opening of the Frankfurt Music Fair.

Julian Kessler





Julian Kessler (p / git / Pop / Rock / Jazz / Klassik / Latin)

piano & git studies at the Köln Music University. Latin & Jazzstudies / Brasil. Bandleader: »Café Com Pao«.

Burkhard Rieger


Burkhard Rieger  piano (accordeon) (pop, jazz & classical music):

jazz studies, various CD publications, he played with Chicago Glory, Jazz Festival Bingen, ...






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